Who We Are

We’re makers of better.

We believe “less bad” is just an excuse for “not good.” We’re committed to better. That means we focus on continuous improvement; better products, better research, better farming practices, and better partnerships for a better industry and a better world. It also means we think the transformative qualities of the hemp plant can make things better for everyone.

What We Believe

Restoring the balance for the common good.

One of the many reasons we’re so interested in the hemp plant is its largely untapped potential for betterment. Hemp has great potential to aid improvements in both human wellbeing and the environment. We believe unlocking this potential helps restore the world’s natural balance which benefits individuals and the global community.

Supply Chain

Seed-to-Extract Transparency

Innovative at Every Step

“Supply chain transparency” is definitely on the short list of phrases guaranteed to put you to sleep, but nonetheless it’s an important tool in our never-ending quest to become better. We begin by partnering with farmers that embrace and are passionate about being good stewards of the soil, the plant, and how it plays a role in our planet’s health. From there, we employ production processes that maintain, to the greatest extent possible, the natural qualities of these plants. And, while we do have proprietary processes, we’re completely open about what’s in our products to ensure accountability and quality.


We’re compliant and have all the logos to prove it.

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We believe that Compliance Certifications are a great way for us to collectively make our products better.

  • That’s why we took our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract through the Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) process. Klersun is one of the ONLY B2B hemp extract suppliers that has gone through this self-affirmed process, which has enabled us to work with large, publicly traded CPGs.
  • That’s why we are certified to produce Organic Hemp Extracts.
  • That’s why we comply with all Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations by the FDA, to ensure our products are safe to use and have the ingredients and strength we claim they have.
  • We check other important boxes too. All our extracts have not been derived from, and do not contain components from Genetically Modified (GM) Organisms (NON GMO). Our products are also Kosher.

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