What We Do

Consistent quality from kilograms to truckloads.

We specialize in broad spectrum hemp extracts with non-detectable levels of THC. We place a high value on the relationships we have with our partners, vendors, and farmers. Not only do we think better relationships equate to consistently better products but they make the daily grind a lot more enjoyable.


While we work with many different extraction technologies to produce the specific ingredients our customers want, our specialty is the highly-efficient and organic-compliant separation method of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. We use this method to create completely petrochemical-free and organic extracts with a high degree of purity and concentration. This method also allows for the removal of THC without dilution whilst retaining a high concentration of the minor cannabinoids.

Quality Assurance

We only use ISO/IEC Accredited third-party labs that adhere to rigorous, comprehensive high standards of controls and processes to ensure every batch of our products are tested for consistency, quality, purity and potency. Testing is an essential step in our supply chain to ensure our products meet specification of active and inactive ingredients.

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New product development

The majority of hemp’s potential is undiscovered and the opportunities for new product development are endless. That’s why we love this work. Today much of the focus is on high CBD and low THC concentrations but we take a long view of this remarkable plant and its many attributes. We’re interested in providing not just what our clients are currently looking for but what they may need in the future.

White Label

We offer a wide range of products that don’t require custom development, such as: Tinctures, Creams, Capsules and other Body Care products. We also have in-house capabilities for branding and packaging to assist with white labeling.

Custom Formulation

We happily work with customers to create custom products to meet their needs including custom oils to meet specific CBD percentages.

Global Reach

Oregon, Hong Kong, Switzerland, UK, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the list keeps growing.

We’re headquartered in Oregon, but that’s just where we hang some of our hats. We have team members working across the U.S. and we routinely conduct business across the globe.