60%+ CBD, Non-detect* <0.05% THC. 5% Minor Cannabinoids.

Product Application

Neutraceuticals, Personal Care Products, Food Products

Product Certifications

Product Details

Product Characteristics

Dark Amber Color, Semi-solid to solid at room temperature and viscous liquid when heated. Mildly piney odor. Mild herbaceous flavor. Oil Soluble.

Active Compounds

Cannabidiol (CBD), 5% Minor Cannabinoids: Cannabigerol (CBG)**, Cannabichromene (CBC)**, Cannabinol (CBN)**

Extraction & Refinement Processes

Supercritical CO2***, Decarboxylated.

Shelf Life

12 months unopened. Store in a cool, dark location.


Grown and Processed in the USA.


1 kg per package in aluminum food grade containers with insert safety plug and tamper proof closure. 5 gallon food grade pails and 55 gallon food grade drums.

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*Below limits of detection, LOD/LOQ.
**Minor cannabinoid constituencies will vary slightly per batch.
***No petrochemical solvents used in the extraction process.