Better is much better than best.

We think the idea of claiming to be “best” at something is obsolete. Victory laps aren’t our thing. We prefer to constantly question, learn, iterate, strive. And that growth mind-set, combined with the incredible potential of hemp, can make things better for society as a whole.

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Research, extraction, purification, continuous evolution.

We produce fully-compliant, high quality hemp extracts, in Portland, Oregon. And we’re in it for the long haul. We’re actively exploring everything hemp has to offer, extracts and beyond.

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Hemp ingredients.

We produce Full and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts. That’s what we do. We also extract Isolates and other cannabinoids too. We’ve made it simple to choose ingredients with a product line based on easy-to-understand categories and CBD potency.

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Collaborators, fellow explorers, friends.
(A.K.A. Our partners.)

Our relationships reflect who we are so we’re choosy about our partners. Do they share our values? Are they pushing the envelope? Are they good people? All our partners, from respected academic institutions to world-class fragrance companies and seed geneticists, check these boxes and much more.

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